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Root Chakra Chicken

Hey guys! As promised, I want to share recipes with you guys that I find that heal and feed my family.

We've been in Root Chakra mode; healing spiritual wounds around feeling secure, confident, and trusting that everything will be fine and we will always be provided for.

I decided to use dinner as the healing meal for us. Trying to have seasonings and specific foods for every meal felt overwhelming in the moment, so I decided to focus on dinner and work my way up to the other meals from there.

I knew what herbs I wanted to use (basil, paprika, thyme, and savory). I looked up various recipes for chicken seasonings and found this one to use as a base for baked chicken with All Recipes . This recipe uses a full list of great root chakra herbs and give the chicken a balanced, flavorful taste.

I added some sides of brown rice and mixed veggies (carrots, green peas, and corn) to tie it all into a full meal.

If you have little ones, you can season the chicken, cut them into smaller pieces, add some coconut or panko flakes, and throw them into the air fryer for some root chakra nuggets. I was surprised that my

3 year old twin boys devoured them! That's a win for this momma lol. Of course, you can add whichever root chakra inspired side you feel comfortable with (beets, red bell peppers, etc.)

Don't forget to prepare your meal with the intention of healing your root chakra, healing your family, and letting them feel loved and grounded. Whatever comes to your heart, speak it over your food.

Happy healing <3

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