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Parent Testimonials

Whether it is from a one time workshop or years of private sessions, parents are proud to see the growth, insight, and healing that takes place for their children during our MindFULL Movement sessions. 

Sayge Castillo

"Shanda has been teaching and mentoring my son in dance and movement for almost 3 years.  Our mantra has become"boys dance too" because it was initially difficult to find a space where my son felt so completely at ease, so completely accepted and so completely himself before we found Shanda.  She is so much more than a teacher.  Yes, she is an amazing dancer and has taught my son so much in terms of technique and choreography.  But more importantly, she has given him the confidence and belief that he can do anything and be anything.  


She is everything a teacher of young children should be.  Patient, kind, fun and motivating.  She lets each child find their joy and passion through movement and dance,  Never judging, always leading, always encouraging. " 

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