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Domango Training's mission is to fully empower and equip our clients with the tools to heal themselves physically and spiritually.


Our purpose is to help our clients design and achieve a blueprint to their own healing.

Domango Training provides a safe space for physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. Our services empower clients to live a healing lifestyle where physical fitness, wellbeing, and inner awareness intersect.

Fitness is usually approached with a disassociation of the mind and body with a focus solely on the physical aesthetic. At Domango Training we believe an active lifestyle should incorporate the mind, body, and spirit in the same space.  Our clients are guided and given the tools for self discovery and connecting their physical goals to their spiritual needs.

Domango Training  sees a community where healing is a lifestyle for individuals through physical, spiritual, and wellness practices.


Embracing the fullness of inner work and awareness 

Fostering a safe environment 
for sharing and relating

Encouraging and leading with s
elf acceptance

Fostering a tribe of harmony and oneness 

Shanda Domango Brown

University of Louisiana at Lafayette-BA Business Mgmt ‘10 

 Claremont Graduate University-MA'AM Arts Management ‘12 


AFAA Certified Personal Trainer 

CPR/AED - American Red Cross 

Yo-Chi Certified Instructor

Brain Gym Certified 

Schwinn Cycling Certified 

Barre Above Certified 

Oh Baby! Pre and Post Natal Movement Certified


Dance Fitness 

Sports and Exercise Nutrition  

Pre and Post Partum Exercise 

Stress Management

Cheer and Dance conditioning 

Cheer and Dance Choreography

20 years of Professional Dance Training 

Trained dancer and choreographer Shanda Domango thought she knew her body until she became pregnant. She had already faced losing her parents, starting two businesses, and getting married. But becoming pregnant forced Domango to start her own healing journey. 

"I was terrified of change, the future, and it was manifesting as physical pain, " says Domango. 

Domango decided to reach out to an old

family friend who was a medium and spiritual healer. Minister Esprit, who began teaching Domango chakra-based and ancestral healing for her trauma and daily life. 

Working with Minister Esprit, her Master's Degree in Arts Management, and her career in dance and fitness, Domango developed a new integrative approach to healing. Calling it Healing Movement,  which is also influenced by somatic and embodiment practices, Domango used it as a way to improve her physical, mental, and emotional as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Finding she was losing weight, building muscle tone, and feeling clearer emotionally and spiritually, Domango decided to offer Healing Movement to others. She opened a studio and started using the practice to teach other women. 

Working with organizations such as Metropolitan Human Services District, New Orleans Opera, and Essence Festival Wellness House, Domango has been educating and empowering women to heal and reconnect with their body and spirit. 

“My twins are now three years old, and I am beyond grateful to have the tools to stay present and grounded as a woman and mother,” Domango says. Most importantly, I get to teach my boys a level of self awareness and confidence that will last them a lifetime.”  

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