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Meditating by the Pool
Our sessions offer multiple ways to integrate Ancestral connection, movement, and meditation 
to heal and align the body and spirit.


Chakra Fitness

In the Chakra Workout Session you are taken through an Ancestral assessment to see what Chakras carry your heaviest Spiritual Wounds. Your workout and movement is then based around the correlating Chakras to remove the negative and stagnant energy around that make up those wounds. 

Movement and Meditation

Movement and Meditation integrates organic body movement and breathwork to release negative energy and remove trauma blockages from the body and spirit. The connection between body and spirit opens and is filled with self love, peace, and compassion.

Dance Medicine
Dance Medicine uses the art and natural body flow of dance to move stagnant and negative energy out of the body. This class format takes participants through reconnecting to the natural flow of how their body moves. Participants also learn how to listen to their body to see what it needs and is calling for when it comes to healing.    
No dance experience is required, just a passion to move and be open to letting your body lead your healing.

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