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MindFULL Movement

When working with youth, our mission is to provide a safe and creative space for youth, ages 6-16, to learn and develop the foundation of movement and it’s connection to the emotional body.

MindFULL Movement uses yoga and dance to teach students tools for inner awareness, empowerment, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Students learn and perform practices for exploring and developing a relationship with their body and emotions for self control, trust, and creative expression.


Our offerings include private mindFULL movement sessions, group classes, and day camps.



MindFULL Movement Class Formats

Hip Hop



Fitness Movement



Other Youth and Family Offerings:

Family Movement and Meditation

Families with little ones ages 2-5 learn movement, breath work, and meditation techniques together in a fun and engaging way.


Mommy Moment

For Moms and care takers to learn meditative movements for releasing stress, burnout, and anxiety. Everyone walks away feel grounded, relaxed, and empowered.

Healing Movement Youth 3.jpg
Previous Youth Projects:

Healing Movement with
New Orleans Center for Creative Arts

Movement Healer Shanda Brown pieces with students from NOCCA to connect their healing to the new album PIGMENTS by Dawn Richard and Spenecer Zahn

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