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Upgrade Your Workouts: Moving with Intention

Release through movement

One of the most powerful things I have learned on my healing journey is no matter how you're moving- working out, walking, yoga, dancing, stretching, or just breathing- when you intentionally move to release or move to work through thoughts and emotions, something powerful happens in your body and your spirit.

There's endless research that shows how hormones are released to reduce stress and blood flow in our bodies is given space to flow more efficiently when we move. Imagine solidifying that physical work with a mental and emotional intention to bring in your stressors as a part of the process to work towards clarity, decision making, and self accountability.

When I began my healing journey a lot of the work I learned was about chakra focused stillness and slowing down. As a dancer and mover I felt like there was a disconnection in my body that wasn't feeling the healing work. My body was still holding on what was being worked through in my mind.

When I started going to the gym again after COVID-19 and Hurricane Ida, I would take what I was working through in my meditations with me into my workouts. Instead of focusing on reps and exhausting my body, I let my mind and spirit continue the conversation as I moved. My body began to tell me when I had enough of an exercise or when it was time to stop. I started receiving clarity as to why certain things was happening in my life. I would keep a journal nearby in case any revelations and break throughs would come to me.

As I would get to the end of the workout, I could feel a release and energy shifting in my body and mind. Sometimes I felt lighter after. Sometimes I cried. Sometimes I laughed. Sometimes I needed a nap. I was walked away feeling more clear, grounded, and connected to myself. This was a game changer for me!

I took this approach into any movement I would practice- walking, yoga, weight training, cardio, dancing.

I've found what I like to call a two for one special where I can heal myself through inner awareness and one of the benefits has become my own physical fitness. I've been incorporating this practice for over a year now I am working through trauma and spiritual wounds that range from control, fear of change, anger, resentment, forgiveness, shame, compassion, and self-love. I've never felt so clear on what I need to work on and where this type of healing through movement will take me.

I hope this encourages you to move with intention whether it is your day to day stress or something deeper. I hope you give yourself permission to reconnect with the spiritual weight your body is carrying. I hope you take the time to release and begin to heal spiritually and physically. Sending you all the love.

Here's a link to my Sacral Chakra Fitness Workout. This is a great 25 minute workout for your lower body and helps release energy around feeling your emotions and breathing through feelings of being overwhelmed.

We Move. We Heal.

-Shanda <3

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