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What do I do with my Crystals?

Crystals are one of the tools we have available to us that are made up of God Energy that can be used as tool to our spiritual wounds, physical ailments, and emit any energy we need for a moment (protection, love, harmony, etc.)

Crystals are formed naturally through the many changes and formations that take place in the Earth and environment- crystallization. How they are formed is what composes the crystal's characteristics, DNA, and healing properties.

Crystals have chakras (energy centers in the body) that they are commonly paired with to heal spiritual wounds. However, any crystal is great to heal any chakra when you are going through your healing journey.

The main way I use my crystals are for healing my spiritual wounds.

I'll share with you here an easy go to way to use your crystals for your healing.


You want to be sure to cleanse your crystal of any

negative energy, low vibrations, and energy of those

who may have previously touched it, etc.

Ways you can cleanse your crystals:

-Smoke: Sage or Palo Santo stick

-Moonlight: place your crystal outside under a full

moon overnight

-Water: wash your crystal in a mix of spring water

and sea salt

No matter what:

Be sure to set an intention and say a small

prayer speaking over the cleansing of your crystal.


Charging your crystal allows you to connect with your crystal and activate the God energy in it for your healing journey.

Ways to charge your crystals:

-Your Hands: observe your crystal (its colors, changes, etc.) place it in your hands, close your eyes and imagine a light in the crystal igniting and coming alive

-Sunlight: place your crystal in the direct sunlight for 4-6 hours

-Selenite or Clear Quartz: Place your crystal on a selenite bar or against a clear quartz crystal to charge for 4-6 hours

No Matter what: Be sure to say a prayer asking your crystals to heal your chakras with it’s God energy


Meditating with your crystals are easier then we think, especially after we have charged them and connecting with them.

Set Your Intention: set your intention on what you want to release and/or manifest for yourself

Choose Your Chakra: identify what chakra has been triggered and needs healing

Place on Chakra: place your crystal directly on your body on the chakra (laying down or sitting up). 20-30 minutes is a perfect time to start.

Observe what comes to you: Observe if you see any colors, words, messages, you might even fall asleep.

I personally like to journal afterwards to get everything out if it serves me in the moment.

I often recommend healing and meditating with your crystals 2-3 a week as a practice and self loving discipline.

Happy Healing family <3

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