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Healing Your Chakras through Food

As I continue down this healing journey, ya'll, I am learning how important and vital it is to incorporate healing into your entire lifestyle not just when you are in a healing session working through your trauma. It's all connected. The tools we use to heal ourselves, how clean we keep our environment, what we watch, how we talk, all the down to what we eat impacts our healing.

I have been learning how food and cooking with intention furthers our healing work physically and spiritually. It also includes what we put in our bodies. Eating fresh foods and meals that are made from our very own hands or with the intention of healing and love keeps the healing energy in our bodies and spirits going.

My current healing for my family has been focused around the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra .

I want to share with you, what I'm learning. I've seen a difference in our mood, in our healing, and I've managed to lose some inched :).

The Root Chakra stores our trauma around control, resentment, family issues, financial stability, and any other foundational aspects. It shows up in the body as lower back pain, knee issues, leg pain, sciatica, and any other lower body limitations.

The Sacral Chara stores our energy around our creativity, joy, passion, sensuality, and emotions. Our trauma becomes blockages that show up as cysts, fibroids, irregular periods, lower abdomen strain, limited hip mobility, glute and mid back pain.

The colors for the root and sacral chakra is red and orange respectively.

Some of the go to foods I make sure we're eating when it comes to our Root Chakra:

Snacks: strawberries, red apples, dried cranberries, peanut butter, raspberries, nuts and seeds

Foods: grains, brown rice, chicken, salmon, red potatoes, beets, tomatoes, red bell peppers (tomato basil soup has been my recent fav!)

Seasonings: paprika, cumin, curry, thyme, savory, cayenne, red pepper, black pepper, chai (for my chai latte people) <3

When healing our Sacral Chakras, I'm sure to incorporate:

Snacks: sweet potatoes slices, oranges, mangoes, carrots, papaya, nuts and seeds

Foods: stuffed sweet potatoes, salmon, orange bell peppers

Seasonings: turmeric, coriander, fennel, cinnamon, vanilla

Now listen, I've never been a girl that got excited or even enjoyed cooking, but when I realized the perspective of food as a direct link to heal myself and my family...well say less then! I look at what chakras we're healing in the moment and look up different recipes that will fill us up and heal us.

Our healing is all around us and it is much connected to our lifestyle in everyway.

I'll be sharing some of the recipes I find with you guys! Happy Healing <3

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