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Weight Room 101: Beginners Guide to the Machines

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

You've taken the leap and hit the gym. Congrats! You've mastered the treadmill and you're feeling great. But now it's time to try new things like weight training. Weight training is an excellent way to tone and build lean muscle. Here are five tips to get your started and feeling confident with the

weight machines:

1. Tour Machines: Before starting on any machine or using free weights get a better idea on the functions of each machine from gym personnel. Have them demonstrate the correct way to adjust the machines for your body, what the machine does, and how to prevent any injury's.

2. Target like Muscle Groups: Each machine has its own capabilities to help achieve desired results. If it's leg day stick to machines that help target the quads, hamstrings, or glutes. Then the following day transition to upper body for example: arms and shoulders or chest and back allowing the legs to have some rest.

3. Reps vs Sets: A Rep or repetition is the number of times you do an exercise. For example a rep of 12 squats. A Set is how many times you will repeat the repetition of an exercise. For example 3 sets of squats a total of 10 reps each. Take your time with your reps keeping even and steady breaths. Rest in between each set. Remember to start light and overtime build to heavier weights.

4. Game Plan: Maximize your workout time by mapping out your workouts ahead of time. Not sure how ? download a workout app or start off with a trainer until you are comfortable. The best part about having a trainer is having someone add a boost of motivation and help watch your form.

5. Have Fun: Strength training or any workout shouldn't feel like a chore. Exercising is an excellent tool for improving mental health, feeling your best, and reducing stress or anxiety. Create your favorite playlist or even invite a friend. Keeping the joy in your workouts also helps you stay confident and consistent.

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