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It's FitLot Season

March conjures up some amazing outdoor magic: snowballs, festivals, crawfish. And who can resist an perfect outdoor workout weather. If you enjoy the outdoors FitLot is your new fitness hangout! FitLot is an outdoor fitness park that makes the benefits of indoor exercise training free and accessible to the public. A FitLot fitness area consists of outdoor fitness stations that are brilliantly designed to use one's body weight as a resistance making each piece of equipment age, gender, and ability based. Whether you enjoy working out alone or with a coach FitLot has everything you need get motivated and get moving. What's great is FitLot is kid friendly so make it a family workout day! Currently in New Orleans there is a FitLot Park located on Lafitte Greenway and Joe Brown Park. Starting Monday, March 9th FitLot will start its circuit training workouts at 7:00am and 11:30am at the Greenway N Miro location. For more information on your nearest FitLot Park visit or check out their Instagram page @FitLot and Facebook FitLot. - ALYSHA "AJ" JEAN

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