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Our clients share their stories and experiences working with Domango Training. 

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Sarah Thibodeaux
Mom, Wife, Artist

"Do you find yourself lost in negative thought patterns? Wondering why some things in your life aren’t working and feeling stuck? Wishing you could take a 10-day retreat and figure yourself out and get on the right path? Without a trip around the world, Shanda at Domango Training can take you home to yourself. With her healing movement classes, she intuitively knows just what to say and what moves to help you release stress from your body and exhale what no longer serves your highest path. Give yourself a gift and take a class. Shanda’s healing room does wonders."


Natasha James Z.
Owner, Working Out the Kinks
Doula | Podcast Host

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Bethanie mangigian.jpeg

Therapist, CSW

"Dance Medicine with Shanda is not only so much fun and a great workout- but it has also helped me reconnect to my body to find greater strength, flexibility, and confidence in myself."

Stephanie Kauffman
Color Therapy Healer, Author, Life Coach

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Robin Lopez

"I had the pleasure of attending Healing Movement with Shanda for the past few months. I have seen such great improvement on my spiritual journey. My anxiety and anger is down tremendously. I have learned now to quiet my mind and focus on healing my present and past traumas in a safe space. The movements allow me to release some of the trauma held in my body and replace it with something more positive and kinder to my body. Shanda takes the time to ensure you to get the absolute most out of each class. She gives beautiful messages that help you along the journey. The space that is created makes healing more comfortable to do.
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