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New Year...New US?

We are well into the 2021 and it seems we have brought the quarantined life of 2020 with us, but that doesn't mean we can't set new year goals for ourselves. Given the new state of our daily living how can we still set goals that help us grow while adjusting to such a different environment?

  1. Still Set Your Workout Goals- You can still set a goal for how many times a week you want to workout. Pick your schedule. It may range from walks in the park to at home workouts to virtual classes. It's okay to give yourself some grace. 1-2 times a week is a great starting point. Commit to that, keep it consistent and add on from there.

  2. You Can Still Eat Clean- I know how hard it has been not to eat the entire house and become an ambassador for Uber Eats. It just means we have to be more disciplined with how and what we eat. What has been working for me is setting a menu for my family on Sundays for the week. This helps us not to order pizza or stop for "something quick." I already know what groceries we need for the week and can be intentional with preparing and choosing healthy meals. For accountability I put our menu on the fridge and the Hubby definitely keeps me accountable lol.

  3. Self Care Is Still Important- If you're like me, this Quarantine time has shown you how much you may or may not take the time to nurture yourself with stillness, quiet time, grooming, etc. A lot of us have used this time to create habits and daily disciplines of self care. Let's not forget those new habits in this new year. We still have the opportunity to hold on to them as we slowly get back to work, school, and interacting in person again. Let's not leave behind the growth we did get the opportunity to have last year. We got this! If you did not get the chance to implement any self care habits last year...guess what?! It's a New Year and now you do. What's one thing you can a day you can do for your self care- working out, sitting in silence for 10 minutes, journaling? I always suggest picking one activity and setting aside no matter what time for that one thing. Then build your self care routine from there.

It's a New Year! We can STILL grow! We can STILL become the best versions of ourselves during this difficult time. WE GOT THIS!- Shanda

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