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Unblocking the Root Chakra: How Tomato Basil Soup Can Aid in Healing

I found another one y'all! I've been going to Laurel St. Bakery here in New Orleans and I swear by their tomato basil soup. It's a great way to intentionally heal my root chakra in a grounded, earthy, and satisfying way.

Our root chakra is the base of our energy and our body. Physically it ranges from the lower base of our spines down to our feet. Any life experiences, trauma, and memories connected to our stability, finances, faith, trust, consistency, and independence is housed in this chakra.

The root chakra is represented by the color red, so when it comes to nourishing our bodies, in a intentional and healing way, we should keep in mind to include red foods, foods that are fresh, and foods from the earth. This helps aid the body in clearing out any negative energy and stagnancy taking up space in the body physically and spiritually (energetically).

Thus, leading me to the easy go to and delicious tomato basil soup. I love Laurel St. Bakery, but I was also giving them all of my money 😂. I found an easy go to recipe that I just had to share with you all.

I am not a cooking girl, and I have four year old twin boys. Cooking wise, anything that is easy and delicious is my happy place.

I've been using this recipe for about a month now and I alternate between using heavy whipping cream or vegetable broth to add in for creaminess. I also don't use tomato juice, I add two extra tomatoes to the roasting part.

When I want to get fancy I have a chai latte and whole grain turkey sandwich with red onions and mixed greens to add more heartiness to the meal as a whole. The entire meal feels like a warm hug to my body. After eating, I have this inner knowing and peace that I took intentional care of myself -body and spirit.

Whenever cooking or preparing your food remember to set your intention for the healing of your body. Speak life into your food and watch how it starts to shift your relationship with what and how you nourish and nurture yourself.

Enjoy family!

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