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Releasing Soul Ties

We underestimate the energy exchange that takes place not just in our romantic relationships but in any relationship we invest and spend time and effort in building, cultivating and living in. When those relationships end we sometimes hold on to the bad habits, behavioral changes, false narratives, and the energy exchange from that person.

Those relationships can leave us feeling worse or even more confused about who we truly are than we were before. Sometimes we move on without a problem but we are left with unanswered questions, thoughts, or just a void we suppress into we are numb enough to move forward.

This entire experience leads to or adds to spiritual wounds that cause us to move and live our life in a pain we are unfamiliar with.

I share with you here a link to a Healing Movement Session to release the energy trapped in your body and healing for those wounds.


In this session you will release attachments from past romances, friendships, and relationships that do not serve you.

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