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Magnesium Magic: Nurturing Nighttime Healing for Body and Soul

Updated: Feb 10

When moving is a part of your daily life along with working, kids, driving, and all the things how you rest and take care of your body at the end of the day is crucial. On my journey of slowing down and pacing myself through life, I have been exploring and discovering the power of a consistent and simple nighttime routine. I love listening to the podcast Blissfully Ambitious with Ashlina Kaposta for inspiration. Ashlina does a great job of describing and teaching spiritual wellness through self care. On an episode, she mentioned magnesium as one of her go to vitamins for her night time routine. The supplement connoisseur and herbalist in me went to researching. I found magnesium has profound physical and spiritual healing properties.

Physical Healing Magnesium is a gentle force for physical restoration at night. Magnesium has muscle-soothing properties, alleviating tension, and promoting a deep sense of relaxation. Incorporating magnesium into your evening routine can facilitate muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall physical well-being.

Spiritual Healing: Magnesium's spiritual properties unlocks a deeper part of our spirits when relaxing us. Magnesium primarily heals the third eye chakra to stimulate ideas and intuition. It also heals the lower chakras (root, sacral, solar) with it's calming and emotional stabilizing properties.

It's been about a month and half since I have been taking just magnesium at night along with my usual elderberry and chamomile tea and I definitely feel the difference. Even if I do not get 6-7 hours of sleep (mom life sometimes right!), my body still feels refreshed and rejuvenated. I still feel as though I have enough energy to pace my morning. I also find that I am usually in a better mood in the morning when I wake up as well.

Nighttime Rituals: Three times a week, I have the night time practice of taking a healing bath with sea salt and herbs. Before I step into the bath I take two magnesium tables (as recommended on the bottle), have my nightly tea, and let the bath finish relaxing my body and spirit releasing any negative energy and stagnancy off of me energetically and physically.

It's been pure magic y'all! May your nights be infused with magnesium magic, fostering healing and recovery in every dimension of your being.


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