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Pick Your Favorite Workout Music

Vibing out to the right music whether you're going for a long run, lifting weights, or getting in a good stretch is always essential. The right playlist can put you in the right mindset and get you pumped for the workout ahead.

Here are my three golden rules to choosing my fav workout music.

BEATS PER MINUTE (BPM)- Beats per minute or what I like to call the tempo of a song is your best friend when picking your music. Choosing songs with a consistent beat will help your playlist flow between different songs/artists. For us New Orleanians, Bounce Music is the best example of this. We can take any of our songs and hear them over the same high tempo “bounce beat” while still getting variety from song to song. The tempo of your playlist can help you stay in a flow when your workout calls for your body to stay at a consistent pace.

MOOD- Tailoring your playlist to your mood after thinking about your tempo is your next step. Think about how you are feeling or what you need during the time of your workout. How do you want to feel after your workout? If you are having a rough day and need a mood booster, you want to make sure your playlist is composed of songs that you know brighten and lift your spirits. If you are feeling down and need some inspiration, you want to make sure your song choices have lyrics that are affirming and will help shift your mindset.

FAV GENRE/ARTISTS- When you’re feeling stuck on the tempo or vibe of music you should select...and you can’t even put a pin on what type of mood you’re in... there’s a perfect golden rule; Go for what you know. Pick your top ten songs that you know 1. Get you in an inspired/productive mindset and 2.Get your body moving as soon as you hear them no matter what. This list is great to have as your default playlist.


PLATFORM PREMADE- BONUS! When in doubt, let someone else make it for you. Platforms such as Spotify and Rock My Run have pre-made lists for workouts that are curated all the way down to the genre, mood, and tempo. Don’t be afraid to try these platforms as a great beginning or guide to creating your own. You can even pick your favorite songs and add them to your own self curated list.

Ready. Set. Vibe Out!

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