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Holiday Survival Guide

It is that time of year! When the mac n cheese, gumbo, ham, Hawaiian Rolls, and gingerbread cookies start calling. No worries, we are here to get you guys through the Holidays with some Survival Tips.

Drink Water with Your Meals

Drinking water with your meals allows for you to aid your body in letting your food digestion quicker. It also gives you a realistic feeling of when you are full, allowing you to no over eat.

Don’t Skip Meals

It may seem easier to go the entire day without eating, holding out for that one big meal. That actually sets us up for failure. Your body is not making room for the one big meal your taste buds are holding out for. When we go longer (over 4 hours) without eating or having a light snack, our body goes into “starvation mode” where it begins to store fat because it does not know where its next meal is coming from. This process also makes our metabolism go haywire to where our body starts to question whether or not it should be processing fat. Instead, have lighter meals throughout the day in order to keep your metabolism on track and still have room for that Holiday meal.

Make Your Plate Colorful

When making your Holiday plate remember to keep it diverse. Add some of those roasted veggies along with the mac n cheese. This aids in the digestion of the heavier foods that will be on your plate. It is our same principle we use when eating healthy on a day to day basis- keep that plate colorful.

Be Flexible

For our workout people- If you are traveling or hosting the family at your home this year, be open to alternating your workout schedule. If you usually workout early in the a.m., be open to a mid morning or early afternoon class. When traveling, consider trying out a new class at a local Gym or Recreation Center in the area of where you are. Apps such as Groupon and Class Pass usually have deals to all types of fitness classes and physical activities that cater to the culture of the city.

These are just a few basic tips that can get you through the Holiday season. Remember, keep your water near, plates colorful, and try something new for your workout. Happy Holidays!

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