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Movement that's Healing...

Usually when you go to the gym or set out to do anything to get your body moving you want to leave your cares at the door and just focus on getting through it. Which is fair. However, once that workout is done you walk right back to that door with your problems and issues waiting for you return.

Have you ever thought about taking those issues with you and letting the physical work create space to look at your problems with a different perspective or even address and work through them. So when you walk back to that door there's nothing waiting for you at the door but solutions and peace.

That's what Healing Movement does. We take Chakra focused movement from Yoga, Dance, Pilates, and Functional Fitness exercises to build sequences that allow you to mentally and spiritually work through your STUFF. You get to explore the true source of your stress and use Movement and Meditation to release yourself from hold the stress has on you.

You get the space, choice, and encouragement to:

- Change the narratives you have built about yourself overtime

-Release yourself from the spiritual and mental attachments you have created with people and titles

-Reconnect and rebuild your relationship with yourself

Yes all while you are moving! The body holds on to and responds to the stress our spirit sit with. Why wouldn't we release the stress and negativity energy from both?

I hope this inspires you to think about your intention when and how you move and what it truly means for you body, mind, and spirit to be in the space place, at the same time, getting the same peace. Together.

Sending you so much love and light. -Shanda

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