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We are limited for the next month, but it doesn't mean that our active lifestyles have to come to a halt

There are ways to still get in a workout around the house:

  1. -Grab A Stable Chair: chair workouts are a great workout tool. You can create a full body workout incorporating squats, tricep dips, push ups, step ups, etc. You'll look up and have a complete circuit workout. You can also use your stairs

  2. -Have a Family Dance Party: For all the dance cardio people out there. Clear the furniture, grab the family or yourself, turn on your favorite playlist and dance your heart out.

  3. -Housework.  Time to get to those chores you've been putting off. Cut the grass, clean the kitchen, deep clean the bathroom. Get your house in order while burning calories

  4. Learn Your Neighborhood: Go for a walk or jog around your neighborhood

  5. Take It Online:  A lot of our options for work and school have been moved to online. We can do the same thing for our workouts. Head to an online fitness platform or even YouTube for some quick at home workouts.

  6. Wether it's a dance party in the living room or getting the house in order we still have ways to workout and not turn into couch potatoes.

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