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Healing comes with the most beautiful, challenging, annoying, and gratifying peaks and valleys. I'm sure that is why the saying "mindset over everything" is so relevant and important. What I am learning is that mindset is crucial to our healing. We can have ALLLLL the skill sets, know how, and wisdom, but if our minds are always focused on what's next in our life, the future healing we have to do, and so on and so on we will miss the most important part of it all.

Being Present.

It's easier said than done. The process of clearing our minds enough to only pay attention to and be consumed in what's right in front of us not even with the glance of the phone. Clearing our minds is like anything else that takes effort- it's a skill, discipline, and worthwhile habit to develop.

I am finding the more present and aware we can be in our healing the more we save ourselves unnecessary anxiety, worry, and ego boasting.

Being present allows us to analyze what's right in front of us. Like my mentor says, "Nothing more. Nothing less." When we let the present be what it must we give ourselves the space to relax in the right now. When we pay attention to the facts without emotion we see exactly what we need to heal from next. We save ourselves the time of producing our own Hamilton the Musical version of what we are being encouraged to grow through.

Being aware...being present...being engaged with our lives moment to moment is a part of why we are here. The present shows us where our healing needs lie.

Let's Be Present. Let's Heal. -Shanda <3

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