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34 Weeks Down. 3 To Go.

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Here we are! 34 weeks down and 3 to go before our precious twin boys arrive. I must say this has been an awesome pregnancy. I also have nothing to compare it to. Throughout this journey I have been keeping my eating relatively clean, but I am not going to lie, I have been giving into my cravings. These boys are showing no mercy. Fruit is cute, but I am mostly satisfied when I have some savory like potatoes and nice chunk of protein (chicken, salmon, steak, etc.).

I continued teaching my fitness classes up to my 28th week, because doctor’s were concerned about me possibly have to go on bed rest. The 28th week in a twin pregnancy is when we have to be the most careful in regards to the baby’s growth and development and the stress it can possibly have on my body.

At that time I also dialed down my workouts from full body workouts to no cardio other than walking, and stability ball workouts. I love stability ball workouts, because they allow you to keep your balance in tact (the joints start to get a little loose during pregnancy). The main thing I focus on is upper body strength while sitting on the stability ball, using dumbbells that do not go over 10 pounds.

One of my circuits being:

-3 sets of 15

-Bicep Curls

-Overhead press


-Tricep Extensions

-Front and Lateral Raises.

At week 31 I stopped my weight lifting, mainly because I have still been choreographing and want to balance the amount of work I put my body through.

Now we are here, 34 weeks, with 3 to go. We have blessed to not have any complications, the boys are still the same in weight, I haven’t experienced any symptoms I have not had the need to wear a back brace, tummy belt, etc. I am still coordinating live shows, and training clients in a small capacity. I truly have my pre and during weight lifting and cardio exercise to thank for that. Well I do have one thing- a mean waddle.

To all of my expecting Mommies out there, waddle strong! :)- SHANDA "MANG"

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