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Our Chat with Freedom at the Mat

It's always great when I get to connect with people and chat about Healing- all its facets, challenges, and beauty. Recently, I was able to talk with Olivia Scott of Freedom at the Mat. Olivia does beautiful work for women with busy schedules, no matter what is pulling at them. She has built a community where women get to experience freedom, peace, and a sense of relief, at the mat, during their yoga practice not just physically, but all mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Olivia has also expanded her practice to include the Freedom at the Mat YouTube channel where we were able to sit down and discuss my healing practice and how Ancestral Healing and Movement have become such an integral part of my life and work.

Below is the link to our full conversation. I hope you find some nuggets to put in your pocket. I hope it encourages you to keep going.

Sending you so much love. -Shanda <3

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