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One of my first steps of Healing...Meditation

I know when we think of Meditation we think of sitting still in a quiet room and clearing our minds of all things. I used to find this approach quiet intimidating. You're talking to someone who used to have trouble keeping still even when I made it home from work. I found it a challenge to keep my mind still, quiet my thoughts, or anything along those lines.

I was then introduced to visualization meditation by a close friend and my Spiritual Mentor that changed the entire game for me. She walked me through a few different approaches to visualization mediation that not just kept my mind moving but actually helped me address what was actually being presented in my thoughts- intentionally and unintentionally.

I want to share one technique she shared with me that has been a game changer for myself and one that I practice on my clients as form of Healing Movement. Both techniques are great for releasing anxiety, being overwhelmed, and the need to control or obsess over outcomes.

THE FLOOD GATES- this meditation is a great way to let go of things, people, and situations you can't control. Sitting or lying still, imagine yourself walking up to two massive flood gates. On the other side of those walls are the people (see them), the situations (picture them), and the things (see them clearly) you can't control. Be mindful of any tension or anxiety that starts to build in your body. It is your body's way of telling you these people, thoughts, and situations do not serve you and need to be released. In front of you, you are going to see a big red button. You are going to count to three, and on one inhale and on three exhale, press that button and see the flood gates open and watch all of the people, things, and scenarios fly past you like a tidal wave. The water doesn't even touch you, nada. Everything and everyone fly and floats past you down a river off of a cliff to who knows where and it doesn't matter where. Take one more inhale and big exhale through you mouth to release any other tension or negativity from the flood gates. From there see yourself walking away from the flood gates feeling lighter, feeling lifted with a yellow light outlining your body from head to toe. You just released anything and anyone you may have been holding on to and you made room to receive more love and light into your space and spirit.

TENSION RELEASE- A meditation and concept I actually learned during a modern dance class and applied a visualization concept that has been wonders for myself and my clients. We do this meditation at the end of workouts to also give the body and heart rate a chance to recover. You can lay down or sit flat with your eyes closed and body relaxed. We go through each body part (feet, legs, core, arms/hands, and face) where we squeeze each body part and visualize black smoke being pulled away from the body and then we release from the squeeze and allow for that muscle group to relax and feel lighter). Once you go through each body part repeat one more time with every muscle group at the same time for one final release. Take a moment after to allow your body to feel lighter and pay close attention to what it feels like to have your body feel lighter and tension/negativity free.

For my busy minded people or those just interested in trying some new meditation techniques, these are just a few tools to add to your arsenal to help yourself release anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, and need for control.


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