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My Go to Respiratory Herbs

We're settling in to the school year and the seasons are changing. What I am learning as a new mom is this is when it's time to step up my game when it comes to our immune support. As some of you guys know, I have 3 year old twin boys and they have grown up with VERY sensitive respiratory systems. We've struggled through incessant coughing, weekly colds, and non stop congestion. I wanted to share the herbs that have been a game changer on healing and strengthening my boys respiratory systems and in turn their heart chakras.

Thanks to their awesome Godmother and tons of research here's what has worked for us:

Mullein- Mullein is an herb that is great for treating infections and breaking up congestion to ease and relief coughing. Mullein has a great soothing property to where it isn't harsh on the body. I incorporate mullein into our lifestyle either through a respiratory tincture, added in our elderberry syrup, or as a tea. I usually give the boys a shot full 2-3 times a day or 3 full syringes twice a day.

Elecampane- Elecampane is an herb great at helping the body remove stubborn mucus and relieve inflammation in the lungs. I love to incorporate this herb in the boys bath and I often include it in their Elderberry syrup.

Marshmallow Root- Marshmallow Root is the respiratory soother! This herb is great not just for healing respiratory inflammation, but also soothing the lungs and throat. I love to use marshmallow root when the boys have been coughing so much to where I can see they are losing their voices or just becoming tired from doing so. I always add marshmallow root to our Elderberry syrup or give to the boys as a sweet tea (marshmallow root and lots of honey)!

Slippery Elm- Slippery Elm is another soothing herb great for pushing mucus out the body but also helps strengthening the respiratory tissues. I love to use this herb when I need something that is soothing and strengthening all at the same time. I love to boil it down and steam it for the boys to breath in.

THE G.O.A.T.- I make an herbal pot boiling all four herbs down for 15 minutes, drain the herbs, and place inside of any steamer (Vicks humidifier, facial steamer, etc.). While the boys are sleeping, I place them near the humidifier under towel for 20 minutes. This was a discipline of mine for 2-3 times a week with the boys. Over time, the boys stopped catching as many allergy colds and the daily dry coughing.

Need some throat and respiratory soothing of your own? Our throat chakra tea is a beautiful blend of herbs that help soothe the tea and respiratory system.

I hope this helps you on your back to school herbal journey. Happy healing guys!

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