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Move Mommy

Hey guys Shanda here! This one's for the Mommies out there looking for ways to exercise while spending quality time with their little one. I’m excited to share with you 3 exercises that target the full body, upper, and lower body. These were my go to exercises to do with my twin boys, especially when they were in the infant stage.

First up is a SQUAT PRESS. This exercise allows you to engage your entire body including your legs, core and shoulders. Start by holding your baby in a supported position. I like to hold my little one underneath his shoulder blades for extra support. From there place your feet parallel and squat down placing your weight into your heels (keep that chest up and core tight). As you come up from your squat, shoulder press your baby by extending the arms into the air. They will love this part! Don’t forget to add a kiss on the cheek on your way down back into your squat. Give 3 rounds of 12 a try.

Next up is my little ones’ favorite, KIDDO CURLS. These curls are your replacement for bicep curls. What is cool about these curls is that your back and triceps become engaged due to the increased range of motion curling your little one gives you. Start with your baby laying supported horizontally. I like to place one hand behind my baby’s head and the other hooked underneath his body. Place your feet parallel, stand up right, and keep your shoulders down and chest up. Release your arms down and up into a bicep curl holding your baby tight so they feel supported. This exercise also gives you a great opportunity to throw in some kisses and snuggles at the top of the bicep curl. Give 3 rounds of 12 a go!

Last is the DEADLIFT. This exercise is great as we start to rebuild and strengthen our lower back and hamstrings post birth. You want to hold your baby in the same position we did for the Kiddo Curls. However, this time we are going to keep the baby close to our chest as if we are in mid curl. Baby is going to stay in this position while you perform your Deadlift. Lean over from your waist, keeping a slight bend in your legs, pressing your hips back. Once you feel a stretch in your hamstrings return upright to your standing position. Don’t forget to sneak in a little kiss here and there! Get it for 3 rounds of 12!

Below is a link to a video of these three exercises with my little one. You got this Mommy!

Looovvvee Yooouu

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