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Mommyhood and Healing

I got the opportunity to chat with Tasha the Doula on her podcast Working Out the Kinks. We chat how motherhood can place you on the path to healing without you even realizing it.

As some of you guys know, I am a mother of now two year old twin boys. It wasn't until I became pregnant that I wanted to truly sit with my stuff and work on myself. I wanted to heal. I wanted to feel lighter.

My overall goal and hope was to of course fill in the gaps where I feel like I didn't receive what I needed, but more importantly I didn't want to pass my wounds on to my children. I didn't want my pain to become their limitations.

Taking the baby steps into healing (journaling, visualization meditation, long walks) turned into a full lifestyle that I can't see myself turning away from by any means. It started as a journey for my boys and the deeper I go the more I do it for myself.

This one is for my mommies out there wanting to be better and feel better for their babies and themselves.- Shanda <3

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