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Keep Going...You Got This.

I write this from a space of...when I'm talking to you I'm talking to myself. This is for everyone who is on or starting their Healing journey and you're starting to feel tired, drained, sometimes even beautifully confused. As the pain, trauma, and emotion that comes with sitting with your stuff happens we become drained and tired and start to wonder is all this change, all this work really worth it. I'm here to remind you that yes it is.

One thing I know from the bottom of my heart is that once you start Healing there is no going back. The thought of going back to your old habits, thoughts, and behaviors feels backwards by know going backwards to the old you for comfortability and familiarity is NOT an option. Because YOU AND YOUR HEALING is worth it.

But here's what is needed while you are in that space- take a moment to reflect on how far you've actually come. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all of the work you have put in to reach a better version of yourself. Allowing honesty, vulnerability, and whole truth telling become a part of your norm and everyday living, not just with others but more importantly yourself.

Remember how you used to respond to life just a year ago and look at how you even look at life now. Be proud of how your priorities and perspective has shifted!

You've done so much work and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You got this. We got this. Keep going. Sending you so much love and light. -Shanda <3

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