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Healing From the Inside Out

When we're Healing our Spiritual Wounds whether it is through Ancestral work, Crystal work, Movement, Acupuncture, Therapy, etc. it is important we give our bodies and spirits what they need to assist us in our healing journey.

This is where I like to add the power of herbs to the equation.

That is where the power of herbs come in. Herbs have amazing healing powers that can do wonders for us physically and spiritually. Physically herbs can heal us from anything we can think of. Herbs can help heal us from a common cold to migraines. Herbs can heal our skin from burns to breakouts. Herbs can cure the severest of insect bites to respiratory breathing issues.

Spiritually herbs can heal our energy centers where pain and trauma is stored. Whenever I talk about Healing, I always stress that anything that has God Energy has the ability to heal us. Herbs are just that. Herbs originate from the Earth, from one of the centers of God Energy, and so their ability to heal us is just as powerful as using a Crystal.

We can use our Herbs in teas and our food to aid us in where we are in our healing process. For example, if we are in the process of doing Sacral Chakra work to help us balance our emotions. We can use herbs that are related to the Sacral Chakra to drink as a tea or to heal with in a Herbal bath for any Sacral Chakra work.

For the past few years I have worked with herbs to heal my skin after pregnancy, to boost my immune system, to strengthen my uterine lining, and to aid my in my healing journey and it has been a beautiful experience. I have used herbs to combat respiratory and immune issues with my twin boys and it has made ALL the difference.

This entire experience has motivated me to launch what I now introduce to you as HEALING HERBS. My personal line of Bath Bags, Herbal Teas, Facial Herbs, and Oils all with your healing in mind. Each product is custom made for the client personal Healing Needs and where they are on their journey. I'm so excited to share this part of my journey with you guys.

Let's Heal.

Love you so much...

-Shanda <3

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