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Domango Training is known for our amazing team of female trainers. Each of our trainers also have their own brand outside of working with DT.

You guys might be familiar with our lead trainers Coach Q and Coach Nell. As an organization we want to support their endeavors and brands by doing something for our community.

We are presenting to you the FIT CYPHER. This will be a master class mash up of each trainers style turned into an hour and a half workout. DT owner and head trainer Shanda will kick the class off with a Hip Hop Cardio Warm and Intro and then guide the class into a Bodyweight Bootcamp Tabata.

Coach Q will then take the lead with her Twerk Out class and bring in the burn with her Beats and Bands class. If you know Coach Q you know the band burn for toning and sculpting will be REAL.

Closing us out the Stretch and Core of our lives will be Coach Nell. She is known for her expertise in stretching and strengthening the core. What better way to wrap up a workout!

Get ready for a fun, high energy, fat burning workout/ You won't want to miss this one.


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