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Can a Single Dance Move Change Your Entire Day?

Updated: Feb 10

So something powerful happened today that I must share with y'all.

This morning was a MORNING. My 3 year old twin boys weren't happy with THEIR breakfast choice, I slept through my coffee and meditation ritual, and we all are bouncing back from Halloween trick or treating and parties yesterday.

I could feel the tension in my body manifesting into a lack of patience, frustration, and just feeling highly overwhelmed the entire morning.

I tried to slow down during my tasks and take deep breaths as much as I could, but I could still feel my body tensing and feeling on edge. Being aware of it made me uncomfortable, and if I'm being honest disappointed in myself for not "pulling it together."

I was worried. I was I suppose to work with clients about healing and anxiety today. How would I do that sitting with this energy?

When I got to the Healing Studio. I began to meditate and Spirit shared with me, "move, dance, you can shift this."

So I put my playlist on and I just danced. I connected to the music and the words of whatever song came on the shuffle. I wasn't doing any fancy moves or choreography. I went with whatever came into my body and spirit.

Just a few moments later, I could feel myself beginning to smile. I felt my body relax and enjoy the permission to just be. My entire mood lifted!

I breathed, I exhaled, and I reminded myself that perfection does not exist. My energy shifted so much in that moment with a simple move and groove.

The studio space even felt lighter and more open!

I was able to hold space fory clients with patience, love, and authenticity.

I thought to myself. Let's go movement! You better shift the energy.

You would be surprised at how your energy...your movement, your words, and your intention can shift your mood and shift the energy of your space.

If your morning isn't going as planned...if you're just not feeling it today...put on that song that lets you do a little two

step...take that walk on your break...shift your energy 💛✨🤗.

If you need some music inspiration for your energy shift.

Here's the link to my playlist:

Keep moving. Keep healing.

-Shanda 💛✨🤗


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