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How becoming pregnant lead to my healing and career change...

Hey ya'll Shanda here. If this is your first time landing on my blog, welcome welcome! I am a Medium and Movement Healer. My hope is to share with you guys everything Healing lifestyle from movement, food (I am figuring out this cooking thing), crystals, herbs, wife life, and mom life.

But first, I want to share with you guys how I got into this space. For the past 25 years of my life I was a trained dancer and choreographer, and a personal trainer and movement coach for 10 years. You couldn't tell me I didn't know my body inside and out right. Ha!

After, losing my parents, starting two businesses, and getting married. Next up, this only child became pregnant with twin boys. I found myself sitting one day feeling out of my body and out of sorts. I was terrified of change, the future, and it was manifesting as physical pain. Becoming pregnant forced me to start her own healing journey. I was determined not to pass my issues on to my boys.

I reached out to a family friend who was a medium and spiritual healer. Dana Boisseau also known as Minister Esprit . Esprit began teaching me chakra-based and ancestral healing for my trauma and daily life.

Taking my studies from working with Esprit, a Master's Degree in Arts Management, and my career in dance and fitness, I developed a new integrative approach to healing- Healing Movement- a somatic and embodied practice to connect with Ancestors for healing spiritual and physical trauma, limitations, and wellness.

Finding I was losing weight, building muscle tone, and feeling clearer emotionally and spiritually, I decided to offer Healing Movement to others. I walked away from choreography and transitioned from personal training to open a Healing studio to teach other women this practice.

My twins are now three years old, and I am beyond grateful to have the tools to stay present and grounded as a woman and mother Most importantly, I get to teach my boys a level of self awareness and confidence that will last them a lifetime.

Whether you are a mom, entrepreneur, wife, or someone who is just ready for an approach to life that is more peaceful and grounding you're in the right place.

Sending you a big hug and love.

-Shanda <3

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