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After almost 10 years of personal training, choreographing, and counseling clients through countless sessions, classes, and events, I found a common theme missing. There wasn't any alignment or synergy taking place between the physical work we were doing in the gym along with any outside therapy or spiritual exploration.

Personally, I've been working on all of those things for myself. I started counseling and advising with a Healer. I delved deeper into my relationship with God and my ancestors. I faced my trauma, triggers, and generational curses and I decided to marinate and, eventually, live in my truth. During that time I also learned some tools and strategies to give myself the space to heal and grow. From a more holistic lifestyle and crystal healing to chakra balancing and herbal baths, I started to wonder if I could feel that same type of peace and release while also working out.

After some trial and error, I found the formula. I started addressing the darkest most scariest parts about myself and my life during my workouts. I began ending my workouts with mediation and healing. I've never felt such peace, freedom, and most importantly growth. Now I want to share this type of breakthrough with my clients and community.

Hence Healing Movement. Let's Heal. Let's Grow. Let's Work.

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