As we all settle into our new normal- face masks, social distancing, elbow high-fiving, and air hugs- we look at new ways to get in a great workout outside of the gym and personal classes. This pandemic has been a reality check for our team and company. We have totally embraced taking our services online and we realized it’s not that bad! We’ve learned and we are encouraging clients:

-Create your own sacred space for working out just as you would for meditating

-Make sure your space is clean and you have enough room to move comfortably

-Place your equipment neatly around you to where it is easy to get to

-Make your space some where in the house that has the least distractions

Also know what works for you when it comes to streaming your workout. Some people prefer to use their phone, some their laptop, others their T.V. Whichever way you like to view your workout is important to keeping you engaged and motivated.

Pick that space, make it sacred, and get your self-care and sweat on!

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