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Mondays & Thursdays 6PM- FREE CLASS

Stallings St. Claude  Recreation Center

4300 St. Claude

New Orleans, LA

Hip Hop Cardio is a high energy dance fitness class for dancers AND Non-Dancers. If you are a dancer this class gives you the space to work on your performance skills and what it really means to bring a Groove to life. If you are a Non-Dancer this class gives you the environment and space to perfect that mean two step you have been working on! At the end of the class EVERYONE walks away knowing they received a great WORKOUT!

1hr Class

Burns up to 600 calories.

High Energy

Hip Hop/R & B/ Pop Music



Mondays 6:15pm- $12

Dancing Grounds, 3705 St. Claude Ave., NOLA

Wednesdays 6pm- Free Class

Stallings St. Claude  Recreation Center 

4300 St. Claude New Orleans, LA


Barre Above® offers classic barre choreography, plus options for Pilates, high-intensity & strength, ballet, trendy dance, and active-aging fusion classes.

1hr Class

Burns up to 400 calories.

Low Impact High Intensity 

Hip Hop/R & B/ Pop Music



Customized Classes

Corporate Wellness

Let Domango Training build your company's

Health and Wellness Program. From once a month Hip Hop Cardio classes to 2-3 times a week Bootcamps and Stretch classes, allow Domango Training assist you in promoting your employees health active lifestyle habits.

Specaility Training

Sweating for the Wedding

Let Domango Training get you and your Bridal Party ready for the BIG DAY!

-Bridal Party Boot Camps

- 1:1 sessions for the Bride and Groom

-Nutritional Guidance

and more!