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"I started working with Shanda and it changed my life!"

Claudia Norton- Therapist | Social Worker

Redwood, CA---> New Orleans, LA

"I truly didn't realize the big difference until we did this picture! Thank you Domango Training for everything you do. This an amazing experience!"

Chanette Guy- Marketing Constultant, Travel Agent

New Orleans, LA

"I heard it once said, "To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible." Working with Shanda is nothing short but incredible. Her dedication to this journey I've been on to become a better, healthier me has inspired me to push past my limits and never give up. Every time she gives me those "unwanted presents" with a smile on her face saying, "Merry Christmas, you got this Kirsch," I am inspired to try harder.

Kirschelle McGowan- Wife and Lawyer

New Orleans, LA

"The mediocre teacher TELLS. The good teacher EXPLAINS. The superior teacher DEMONSTRATES. The great teacher INSPIRES- William Arthur Ward.

I can recall many times where Shanda has exhibited every one of these aspects of a teacher. Most of all she inspires me daily to never give up on my journey. She has made herself a major part of that journey. 

On days when I am that bad student and is just not into it, she pushes me. I can hear her now, "I got you girl!!" I am a proud member of TEAM MANGO!

Christian Williams- Educator, Leader

New Orleans, LA

"Showing up is half the battle." Working with Shanda is a great source for anyone looking to be pushed, searching for accountability, and needs consistency. In 30 days I have been able to see a difference in body and I'm looking forward to the next 30. “

Brandon Ayler- Father of 3, Husband

New Orelans, LA

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